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Truly “5 STAR” in Comfort, Décor, and Service!

We want your experience to be comfortable and efficient in every way possible. We strive by following our “5 E’s” of 5 Star Family Medicine.

1. Environment in our office is designed to be truly “5 Star” in comfort, décor, and service!

2. Easy Access to see a health care professional. We offer a popular new way of scheduling even routine visits like school physicals, cholesterol checks or visits for common medical problems called “Same Day Scheduling”. Simply call in the morning and often get an appointment today! State of the art lab tests are available during your appointment and many labs only need a “finger prick” and results are available in minutes.

3. Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Prescribing (also called “e-prescribing”) where your prescription is electronically sent to your pharmacy so that it is waiting for you rather than having you wait for your prescription.

4. Evidenced Based Medical Care and Treatment. This care is based on up to date guidelines and treatment. We utilize the latest computer technology (in the exam room) and refer to local specialists if necessary to offer the best care possible.

5. Emphasis on Self Care and Prevention. We want to be your partner by providing you with the latest information about your health situation and help you stay healthy and happy.

Services Provided:

  • Adult Health Care Including HTN/Diabetes/High Cholesterol
  • Child and Adolescent Health Care (6 and Up)/Physicals
  • Routine Sick Visit
  • Etch and In-house (Point of Care) Labs for many Routine Test
  • Same Day Report and Doctor Visit

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